Khotachiwadi – a slice of history

A Bombay lesser known. That is what I would call a place like Khotachiwadi. The common metaphors used for the megalopolis have nothing to do with quaint neighborhoods, clean alleys, afternoon siestas and a slow pace, and those are exactly the metaphors that would be used for Khotachiwadi. I went to Khotachiwadi on a Sunday [...]

17 families, 1 house

The ‘Committee Chawl’ which houses 17 families in one structure – all the 17 families are, or were, associated with the Khotachiwadi cricket club. The interior of this chawl, by the way, is a striking example of efficient usage of space and good design.

First look at Khotachiwadi

The bright colours, wooden stairs, balconies, tiled roofs and the narrow bylanes had me blink a few times. On a hot Bombay March afternoon, the air was surprisingly cool and unsurprisingly tranquil.

Khotachiwadi Walk

A long long time ago, almost 6 months ago, I had done this walk through the lanes and bylanes of Khotachiwadi – a part of the sprawling city of Bombay which time and modernization had apparently missed in its craze to reach someplace else. Armed with my Canon camera, I captured some of the sights [...]